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Full Service

Sun-Time Energy in a multifaceted service provider, including custom design, engineering, financing, solar panel installation and ongoing system monitoring to meet your property and individual needs.

Our professional teams have had years of industry experience is all aspects of solar design, engineering and installation.

Highest Quality

Sun-Time Energy uses only best-in-class, high quality solar panels and equipment which are guaranteed in performance and come with a 25 year warranty.

Latest Technology

Our team of innovators are constantly looking for better ways to achieve clean energy savings for our customers

We evaluate and select the best new technology based on performance, quality and financial efficiency

Leasing & Financing Options

Sun-Time Energy helps you to go solar with no upfront capital costs, while still reaping all the benefits with savings

Includes full support with repair service, monitoring and performance guarantee

With years of financing experience, Sun-Time Energy is constantly looking for ways to create value for clients regardless of their financial situation

Quality Installation

Sun-Time Energy, permits and constructs solar systems to our precise high standards, meeting and exceeding local building and safety codes.

Once we complete construction, a project manager will schedule with your local building department to confirm the installation conforms to local regulations.

Customer Service

Sun-Time Energy prides itself on its customer service and the satisfaction of its clients

Once you become a client, a dedicated project manager will plan out your installation and coordinate with all team members, including engineering design, installation and city and utility inspections. Your project manager will keep you updated on the project status every step of the way.

Sun-Time Energy’s broad experience has helped develop a proficient process for managing large scale projects from beginning to end, saving time and money on your project
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