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Sun-Time Energy is one of the leading clean energy companies in the nation who is at the forefront of the “Green Movement”. Sun-Time not only manages Solar power system Designs and installations, but also provide the best leasing and financing options available to home owners and businesses. Our goal is to make every property more energy efficient and environmental friendly, while putting money back in the owner’s pockets, and raising their long term values.

Solar panels are increasingly popular throughout the world but especially here in Southern California, home owners have been taking advantage of numerous benefits that Solar offers:

  • Save on your monthly Utility Bills
  • 30% Federal Tax Credits
  • Local Utility Solar Rebates
  • Protect against raising energy costs
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Go Solar with $0 Down

  • The benefits of going solar are numerous. Capable of Saving You money of Your Electricity Bills, Helping the Environment and even Improving the Value of Your Home. Solar power systems installed by Sun-Time Energy can make a great impact on your personal and economic health. Our solar panel installation professionals share a passion for helping local residents and businesses.

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